Teaching you how to create beautiful Bonsai

Tony Tickle

Tony Tickle
He is a winner at the first Gingko awards in 1997, UK winner and runner up in the European New talent competition in 1995, coached three UK new talent winners including David Prescott in 1997 and Mike Sullivan who won the Event in 1998 in Fermo Italy. Nominated 2009 Noelanders Trophy, Winner of Presidents award EBA 2008 Vienna, Board of Director for Bonsai Clubs International 2003- 2005 and Member of Association of British Bonsai Artists.
Since 2004 Tony has organised the Burrs Bonsai workshops inviting Bonsai artist throughout Europe to work with participants. He has demonstrated widely at major conferences throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, He is widely published and has had Bonsai selected for four Gingko awards, World Conventions and many European events. He currently demonstrates at clubs, societies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

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