Teaching you how to create beautiful Bonsai

Visiting Artists

Hans van Meer

He is a self taught bonsai artist that became interested in bonsai in early 1990 and kept a few bonsai on a tiny balcony. In 1992 he moved to a house with a garden where he first began to style his own bonsai from nursery material. That same year he joined a local bonsai club, and got involved in the Dutch bonsai scene. He also won the Edo bonsai trophy with a “Pinus parviflora” which he styled from a former ornamental garden plant imported from China.

In 1995 he gave his first demonstration at his bonsai club, and in 1996 entered that same demo tree into the Dutch Bonsai Federation Show (NBV) and won the Best of Show award. Also in 1995 he and his wife drove to Milan (Italy) to enter that same bonsai into the prestigious “Crespi cup” and first made contact with the international bonsai scene. He became friends with Danny Use and Ingrid from Gingko bonsai in Belgium. Danny gave him the freedom to work on some of his best bonsai.

In 1997 he entered a shohin “potentilla fruticosa” created from garden center material into the Dutch Bonsai Federation Show (NBV) and won Best of Show award. Later he entered that same bonsai along with two of his other self styled bonsai into the first edition of the “Gingko Awards”. There he met his good friends from England: Tony Tickleand Terry Foster who invited him to come collecting in the U.K and Wales.

In 1998 he collected his first yamadori in Wales with those same friends. Since then, every year for a few weeks he makes long travels from Holland up to the mountains of Austria, Switzerland and Italy to collect his own material to work on.

In 1999 He demonstrated and showed his bonsai at the European Bonsai Association (EBA) in Stratford U.K, and since has showed his self styled bonsai all over Europe and in every edition of the “Gingko Award”. Hans was proud to be one of the demonstrators at the last “Gingko award” and has since than given demonstrations and workshop all over Europe and in the U.S.A. He immensely enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and he is looking forward to be a part of the next edition of “Burrs”!

He likes to share his work and thoughts on bonsai on his website: www.karamotto.org