Teaching you how to create beautiful Bonsai


Do I need to know anything about bonsai?

Burrs Workshops are geared towards enthusiasts who have more than a basic understanding of creating bonsai and are hungry to move forward however we do have quite a few ‘beginners’ who participate.

What will I learn?

You will be learning advanced techniques that will enable you to enjoy your hobby more, such as making your own soil mix to achieve particular results, why watering is probably the most important aspect of bonsai development, branch creation, styling for the future. For those who own a computer they will pick up valuable information that will enable them to make informed styling decisions without making a single cut!

Can I bring my own Beer/wine etc?

Yes also tea, coffee and soft drinks are also available Free of Charge all weekend.

I have special dietary requirements?

Let us know when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.

Is there disabled Access?

The building is fully accessible to all. There is a level front entrance with stair lifts to first level making all rooms in the building accessible, disabled toilets and a guiding service for the blind.

Why should I sign up?

At Burrs Workshops you will get your bonsai skills on track, you will be working at close quarters with bonsai artists who are active in the European scene, exhibiting and demonstrating throughout Europe and in many cases setting the pace. Because the event takes place over a whole weekend you can (if you wish) work late into the night. The whole event is based around learning, having fun and making new friends in Bonsai.

Do I need to bring material to work on?

I have had inquiries from folk who do not have material to work on, It is OK to be part of the workshop simply for the experience…. You may well be asked to help with wiring and work from folk who have trees that require a lot of preparation. We welcome beginners to the workshops but you must bear in mind that you will not be give full time tuition, what you will get is help from over 20 other participants though!

What else should I bring?

All the tools, wire pots etc that you will need to complete your project(s), a camera , a sleeping bag or quilt and a pillow (see below)

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Male and female accommodation is provided in five bunkrooms for 2, 4, 6, 10 and 12 persons. Allocation is on a first come first served basis. Because of the party atmosphere on Saturday evenings that usually takes place at the Burrs events. Rooms will be designated ‘early’ (after 11.00) middle (after 12.00) and late (after 1.00). Participants will be asked on the booking form what time they expect to go to bed! This is to ensure that folk DO NOT get disturbed in the night.
See other accommodation here:

When can I arrive?

Most participants arrive on Friday evening; you are able to have a meal in the Pub alongside the facility. Breakfast will be available on Saturday morning. The event starts proper at 10.00am Saturday and ends 4.00pm Sunday

How do I get from the Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds Bradford Airport?

We can arrange transport from the Airport for you…. Just ask